Constantine Noble – White Linen (Spotify)

“-Constantine Noble- opens in front of the listener a varied palette of musical colours, extraordinary sound samples, expressive and harmonious vocals! With all the love, the artist enriched his single with many beautiful elements contributing to a unique charm!”

“-Constantine Noble- открывает перед слушателем разнообразную палитру музыкальных красок, неординарных звуковых решений, выразительный и такой гармоничный вокал! Со всей любовью автор наградил свою композицию множеством красивых оттенков, что предало ей свой уникальный шарм!”

The act and character, Constantine Noble is created by the Danish Singer, actor & multi-instrumentalist Claes Cem & is loosely based on his own life, immersed in travels & folklore.

The single “White Linen” is the first chapter Constantine’s journey, and is a slow & Impactful love song with elements of classic rock & a touch of Nordic Storytelling.

The single comes with an innovative cinematic concept, including a music video & two, one-minute short-films, designed for marketing via social media.

Reviewed by Nagamag on November 8, 2021