Dani Teveluwe – Waiting Wasting Time

“In music, a spark is important, which will light the fire in your heart stronger than the previous one and -dani teveluwe - coped with this task at the highest level! Chic vocals, a melodic line of Neo-Soul and Funk and a light, not overshadowing the entire musical canvas of the rhythm. (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“В музыке важна искра, которая зажжёт в вашем сердце огонь сильнее прежнего и -Dani Teveluwe- справилась с этой задачей на высочайшем уровне! Шикарный вокал, мелодичная линия Neo-Soul и Funk и лёгкий, не затмевающий собой всё музыкальное полотно ритм.”


Born from the melting pot of unpursued dreams and constant procrastination, Waiting Wasting Time sings to the intent of jumping out of your comfort zone, and just going for it.

Dani Teveluwe tells us, “Waiting Wasting Time first came to me when I was walking my gorgeous Golden Huey around Miami. The chorus melody soothed my soul and I loved it from the get-go.”

“It’s funny because building the courage to make a change can sometimes take years, but in reality, the moment we decide to change is quite fleeting.”

“Around that time, I had been thinking a lot about the motivation behind change. That moment when change is no longer a choice and when it becomes a necessity. “

“What is that thing that gets us to finally book that overseas trip we’ve always wanted to go on? What makes us overcome the fear of rejection to ask someone out, or perhaps ending a relationship that isn’t right? How do you describe the desire to leave a perfectly stable job to pursue your passion?”

“The more I dwelled on it, the more I realised that I had created my own discontentment in the past by not going for it. By taking the safe option instead of the scarier path, living in my head not my heart.”

“I decided I was done with waiting and wasting time.”

And she was done. Dani started gigging solo at age 30 and released songs that spoke about how she had changed over the past few years. She told the man she was dating that she loved him. She took the scary path, but the true path more often than not, becoming braver and braver in the process.

Just prior to writing Waiting Wasting Time covid had broken out, and Dani’s baby sister, Chelsea had returned from Canada.

Chelsea had been wanting to have a crack at renovating a van, turning a humble Hiace into a trendy and tiny home.

Chels had never used a power tool before and she didn’t really know much about vans, but she didn’t let it stop her. Embracing the challenge she bought a van, drove it to her Dad’s garage and began the researching how to do everything, learning on the fly.

With the help of our Dad, YouTube, some very friendly neighbours, Chelsea finished the build and stunned everyone with her craftsmanship.

Dani told us, “When it came to planning the music video for Waiting Wasting Time, using Chels’ story was a no brainer. Her story and what she did is so inspirational, and it was nice to have the opportunity to document what she did and share it with the world.”

Watch the music video for Waiting Wasting Time today here.

Reviewed by Nagamag on June 15, 2022