David Bernot – I Count On Them

“Pure pleasure, which is like a chocolate bar in your hands. Professional saxophonist "David Bernot" works wonders in his genre. His virtuoso playing amazes your imagination, drawing the most inconceivable images in our subconscious. An uncut diamond of its kind!”

“Чистое наслаждение, которое словно долька шоколада таит в ваших руках. Профессиональный саксофонист -David Bernot- творит чудеса в своём жанре. Его виртуозная игра поражает ваше воображение, рисуя самые немыслимые образы в подсознании. Не огранённый бриллиант в своём роде, однозначно!”


Artist said about this song:

"Track 3 off of my new album releasing March 10th 2022. Record features renowned jazz trumpet player Greg Gisbert from the multiple grammy winning ensemble the Maria Schneider Jazz Orchestra. Pop jazz style tune influenced by modern artists like Cory Wong and Vulfpeck.

Reviewed by Nagamag on March 26, 2022