de ROCHE – 1k lbs (Spotify)

“The multi-artist Liz DeRoche offers her impressive single, with Rock taste, rich percussion patterns and expressive vocals. Don't skip this fascinating crystal sound packed with positive energy.”

A lover of adventurous and voracious pop, de ROCHE mines emotional depths for rock-solid songs that range from soulful electronica to hot folk. A new solo project from drummer, keyboardist, and singer Liz DeRoche, it's the culmination of two decades in the music industry as a band member (The Pushovers, Cane & The Sticks), producer, studio musician, teaching artist, and record label manager.

As de ROCHE, Liz mixes synthy smoothness with a raw emotionality to create an idiosyncratic style that she bravely embraces. With 2021’s release of Big Let Down, she serves up tender yet strong songs based on real heartache and other revelations from a wanderlustful life.

“It’s the emotional impact I’m looking for," says Liz. “I want to make meaningful music that people will take very personally.”

Reviewed by Nagamag on November 4, 2021