Dimitri Monstein – Step It Up

“Cheerful Neoclassical composition with light interspersed Jazz mood. A wonderful world is created by Dimitri Monstein, who surprises with the beauty of his patterns, the quality of performance and the general presentation of sound.”

“Мажорная, бодрая неоклассическая композиция с лёгкими вкраплениями джазовго настроения. Прекрасный мир, созданный автором, который удивляет красотой пассажей, качеством исполнения и общей подачей материала.”


Step It Up is a repetitive groove Song, kind of inspired by electro swing but it's still in Dimitri Monstein's style. In the middle part is a spheric cello solo with synths. A catchy track, makes happy and is possible to dance with a note of jazz/improvisation in the middle.


Reviewed by Nagamag on March 26, 2022