Divan & the House of Quoi – Despite the Facts (1997 Demo) (Spotify)

“Practical beauty of male vocals, elegant acoustic melody in combination with a firm style - Divan & the House of Quoi - concealed with a strong and simultaneous magic, which gives goosepumbs on the skin. Spiritual musical fullness, for the spiritual time of provocation.”

“Практически убаюкивающий мужской вокал, элегантная акустическая мелодия в совокупности с фирменным стилем -Divan & the House of Quoi- затянет настолько сильно и одновременно мягко, что аж мурашки по коже пробегут. Душевное музыкальное полотно, для душевного времяпрепровождения.”


First single of the upcoming rarities album 'The Vampire Tapes', is this 1997 song 'Despite the Facts'. Pure and honest singer-songwriter vibes. We hear 17 years old Divan mourning the death of his father. The song stood the test of time and is back on the setlist.


Reviewed by Nagamag on November 6, 2021