Ozone Creations, Bakarii, Obi Original, Ch!nwe – Unknown Banga 001 – song by Ozone Creations, Bakarii, Obi Original, Ch!nwe | Spotify (Spotify)

“The composition is very beautiful: various melodies, ideal symbiosis of Afro-pop sounds and warm, long vocals, insignificant, but supportive quality of electronic music. The more you listen, the more you like it.”

“Композиция получалась очень красивой: разнообразная мелодия, идеальный симбиоз Afro-pop звучания и тёплого, лёгкого вокала, незначительная, но подчёркивающие качество музыки электроника. Трек, который чем больше слушаешь, тем больше он нравится.”



Multidimensional artist, Bakarii knows that music has the power to transport us to different states of minds and emotions. He loves to harness that power to lead his audiences on a journey of feelings and emotions. His captivating voice, memorable melodies, engaging lyrics and unique tracks all combine to turn every song and every show into a memorable experience.

Based in Minneapolis/St. Paul, Bakarii brings a young and refreshing energy to the music scene. His eclectic background includes growing up overseas and calling many countries such as France, Spain, and more “home”. The result is a unique sound influenced by a global variety of genres and artists, ranging from Hip Hop and R&B all the way to Afrobeat and Afrofusion.

Reviewed by Nagamag on November 6, 2021