DJ Bruce Blanchard SAKANA (Official Music video) (Video)

“DJ Bruce Blanchard is here to give the right vibes for the new summer season that coming ahead in north hemisphere.
His new release SAKANA has an incredible upbeat vibe, beautiful video clip that blended with the right harmonies and entrancing characteristic vocals, the new hit is here.”

Bruce has released a single called “Sakana” this year, which is in the Afrobeat genre. Adding to his new single Bruce also has a Playlist on Spotify called “Afro Tech” with other Afrobeat songs and he also has a new song coming out this summer.

DJ Bruce Blanchard’s roots lay in African beats and more specifically, Lingala music. During the first lockdown is when he created his first song ‘Sakana’ in collaboration with Enikao productions. ‘Sakana’ means ‘to play’ in Lingala, which directly refers to him starting his career playing as a DJ. He specifically created this song to lift people’s spirits during the Lockdown. Now he has curated a playlist called ” Afro Tech” which focuses on African-style songs, but provides a mixture with tech and house music. The list is for him his current favourite 30 songs which fall under the style of Afro tech. Soon, he will be releasing a new single which will follow the same African base. This song, which is a lounge party song in Lingala, will be focused on moving away from lockdown and restarting our future where we will hopefully meet each other again in the party scene!

Reviewed by Nagamag on March 21, 2021