Duo Chinoiserie – Cantigas de Santiago: Ay ondas que eu vin ver

“Before you a warm and calm tool track, which has absorbed many emotional, melodic elements that can calm even the very rebellious soul. The composition will cause consciousness to break away from the ground and fly to an unknown distance. (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Перед вами тёплый и спокойный инструментальный трек, который вобрал в себя множество эмоциональных, мелодических элементов, способных успокоить даже самую мятежную душу. Композиция заставит сознание оторваться от земли и улететь в неведомую даль.”


A true melding of Eastern and Western cultures, Duo Chinoiserie’s CHINOISERIE combines the Chinese guzheng and European classical guitar to create an inspired new canon of classical repertoire. A bold and carefully handpicked selection of compositions—including new arrangements of Granados, de Falla, and Debussy alongside a transcription of Goss and new works by Assad, Duplessy, and Nakanishi—explores the instruments’ dialogue and complementary textures while uniting contrasting musical styles into a cohesive, well-defined whole. As the guzheng’s crisp, plucky clarity interplays with the guitar’s chords, even the most well-known classical pieces become fresh and energized, born anew with a unique and visionary sound.


Reviewed by Nagamag on April 26, 2022