Elsdeer – Ten Years Time

“The melody Indie Folk, which personifies the original musical thinking of the performer in organic form. A very warm and nostalgic mood is instantly created, and the vocals of -elsdeer helps to disconnect from reality and distract from pressing problems. (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Мелодия Indie Folk, которая олицетворяет собой оригинальное музыкальное мышление исполнителя в органичном виде. Мгновенно создаётся очень тёплый и ностальгический настрой, а вокал -Elsdeer- помогает отключиться от реальности и отвлечься от насущных проблем.”


On May 15th Berlin-based musician Elsdeer will release her first single ‘Ten Years Time’ as the beginning spark of her solo project as a singer-songwriter.

Elsdeer (aka Denise Dombrowski) joined the Berlin Folk Music Scene in September 2019 as a violinist where she started playing with multiple musicians from the circle. Inspired by the community and the original music she began to write her own songs in the early months of 2020.

Her first single “Ten Years Time” was written in summer 2021 and is dedicated to Elsdeer’s father who passed away ten years before. In the song, Elsdeer finds an accepting approach to the dramatic experience without trivializing the vivid and formative moments that she shared with her father.

“I didn’t want to write a sad song but capture the feeling of dealing with an experience for a very long time and coming to some form of closure – you still feel the small and bittersweet pain thinking about the experience, but you are able to take it on as a part of life,” said Elsdeer.

‘Ten Years Time’ is performed by Elsdeer on vocals, acoustic guitar and violin, Gidon Carmel on drums, Mark Loughrey on banjo and electric bass and Sebastian Hoch on electric guitar. The song was recorded, edited and mixed by Cameron Laing and Bob Spencer in Berlin’s The Famous Gold Watch Studios.

‘Ten Years Time’ is available from May 15th on all streaming platforms.


Reviewed by Nagamag on May 22, 2022