Emiji – Adventures (Spotify)

“Brilliant sound design, with the right selection of harmonies and sounds, blend together through a fine mix and engaging an endless daydream to the listener. Wonderful downtempo chill track by Emiji in Sakre Music.”


Emiji is a Dublin based artist, composer, sound engineer and music producer.

He provides us with beautiful, soothing sounds of pianos, textural ambiences, cinematic drums, engaging and epic atmospheres, and relaxing voices. His music meets our deepest roots in a peaceful place where we can dive deep into ourselves and go for a beautiful, introspective Journey.

Emiji encapsules deep emotions, mixed with sometimes dark and sometimes epic atmospheres. His music is an eclectic genre bending mix of IDM, Cinematic and Ambient, much like the journey of a roller coaster.

Reviewed by Nagamag on October 2, 2020