Equinøx – Tear Apart

“"Equinøx" raises the bar higher with another masterpiece. Feel that crystal melody and wide pads merging together in a mix of House rhythms which can easily become memorable. Light and heavier patterns alternate turns bringing energy with their flow.”


Interstellar expertise from equinøx soundtracks what it’s like to sit on top of the world as viewed from an immersive, progressive trance perspective. The two tracker begins by gracefully allowing time to clear your mind and exhale: the stopwatch melodies of ‘Tear Apart’ travel deep into the heart of space, equinøx’s gliding, panoramic sound awed and unfazed as one. Thrusting a little harder in comparison to its more delicate counterpart, ‘The Answer’ continues its wondrous voyage to amplify the senses; heavily atmospheric as it reaches a heavenly altitude, but equipped with punchy technology to keep dancefloors on high alert.

Reviewed by Nagamag on June 3, 2022