Erica Bramham – Pelicans // Enamel (Video)

“Elements of folk music, with the addition of acoustic, string instruments. Unusual, but extremely memorable vocal parties lead into a trance state. -Enamel- is an amazing, hypnotic beauty.”

“Элементы народной музыки, с вкраплением акустических, струнных инструментов. Необычные, но крайне запоминающиеся вокальные партии вводят в состояние транса. -Enamel- невероятная, гипнотическая красота.”

The first single from my forthcoming album, Enamel (out April 2021). A product of Melbourne’s long 2020 Covid-19 lockdown, written in April 2020 when a year’s worth of gigs had just been cancelled, and featuring samples recorded during lockdown-walks of a broken piano that was left to decay on a suburban street near my home.

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Erica Bramham – voice, double bass, guitar, broken piano, samples, production

Isaac Barter – mixing & mastering

Erica Bramham is a critically acclaimed vocalist, multi-instrumentalist and composer from Melbourne, Australia. Poetic, inventive and uniquely personal, her work crosses the boundaries between pop, folk, jazz and experimental art music, showcasing her finesse as a lyricist and a captivating performance style that blends song with spoken word and improvisation.

Reviewed by Nagamag on March 12, 2021