Fada Hibachi – Tomorrow (Spotify)

“We should recognize that -Fada Hibachi- created a truly explosive track, in which he put his heart, experience and love for music. Melodic hip-hop promising your listening pleasure.”

“Стоит признать, что -Fada Hibachi- держит марку и сотворил по-настоящему взрывоопасный трек, в который он вложил своё сердце, опыт и любовь к музыке. Мелодичный hip-hop, слушать который одно удовольствие!”



"Tomorrow" sees Fada Hibachi's mix of rap and melody blended with pop instrumentals. Contrary to the title of the song, the theme is one of having fun in the now rather than waiting....seems pretty apt for the times we're living in now no?

Reviewed by Nagamag on January 20, 2022