Matteo Tessaro – Everytime I Fall (Spotify)

“The unique and melodic voice of -Matteo Tessar- clings to the soul from the first seconds. Acoustic folk song with guitar chords and slow rhythm. Light romantic charm is dispelled in the air, bringing hope and faith.”

“Феноменальный, такой мелодичный голос -Matteo Tessaro- цепляет за душу с первых секунд. Акустический фолк, пьянящие звуки гитары и неспешный ритм предают песне лёгкий романтический шарм, развеивая в воздухе флюиды любви, надежды и веры.”

This song encompasses soulful acoustic poetry with harmonies that enliven the listener from the core such that the soul dances with the playful lyrics. "Old strings ring with wisdom in my bones, they sing peacefully to my soul..."

Reviewed by Nagamag on January 20, 2022