Flaunt It (ft. NOK) – Mettā [Official Music Video] (Video)

“Out of the usual forms Mettā teams up with Nok and delivers a deep groove, experimenting with vocals without try to be limited as most producers does, something that is pretty obvious and for the exploration of the visuals here. And all this experimentation glue fine with a very addictive groove and solid production to warm your feet and ears.”


There once was a time in 2011, before the pandemic, when life was just.. heaven. There was a young lad.. and a young girl. The lad could art and the girl could twirl, and together they gazed upon the world.. Together.. they gazed.

Unfazed by the Universe’s maze, they parted ways. Eager to see each other again. Time passed likes the tides of the ocean. Learning and growing, full of emotion. Never the same, no one to blame, but the beauty of life’s experience.

Life, in all its brilliance.. can be quite resilient. Nearly a decade later, from the hands of the creator, they spoke to the divine and they obeyed her.

The lad became a feelings inflator, and the girl became the divine that made her. Together they became the creator.


Reviewed by Nagamag on November 15, 2020