“-God First- presents musical discoveries and experiences of a rare, exceptional kind. The song that chills to the bone, even those who used to be far from the most creative -Follower of Christ-.”

“-God First- дарит музыкальные открытия и переживания редкого, исключительного рода. Песня, которая пробирает до самых костей даже тех, кто раньше был максимально далёк от творчества -Follower of Christ-.”

Artist shared his words about this song with Nagamag:

” It’s very important to always put God first in everything we do, you’ll never go wrong when you make that choice. This song tries to explain the importance of putting God first to avoid facing many tough obstacles that we could otherwise avoid which can lead to feeling lost in life.”

Reviewed by Nagamag on 
April 18, 2021

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