Forest Ray – Close Your Eyes

“There is always a balance in sound as well as in nature. At some point, we have to sink into an incredibly compact musical tornado of emotions. Music like "Close Your Eyes" should become part of the collection of each music lover.”

“Баланс в музыке, как и в природе, всегда имеет место быть. В определённые моменты мы должны погрузиться в невероятно тягучий музыкальный вихрь чувств и эмоций. Такая музыка, как эта композияи, должна стать частью коллекции любого уважающего себя меломана.”

Close Your Eyes is the second single off of Forest Ray's 2022 album, "Always" it's a song about consistency and perseverance and is an ode to the late night dwellers. Never wanting to close your eyes or wanting things to end. We are touring this release to SXSW in Austin and around the Dallas-Forth Worth then up to Spokane and Seattle. Playing the release show tonight in downtown Seattle!

Reviewed by Nagamag on March 15, 2022