Formwandla – Down with Me – Radio Edit

“A fresh House production from “Formwandla” is ready to satisfy your ears and fullfil your dance needs. Deep sound with vivacious beat and gloomy vocals, comming down from outer space to add some colour in our grey lives. Don’t miss it!”

Hero or Anti-Hero? Formwandla comes down on his colorful surfboard to present his track “Down with me” to the earthlings. Since the low cut was simply omitted, you can look forward to basses all the way down. Because such a dancefloor sometimes swings with pleasure at 4 Hz. A nice feeling! The unusual video underlines the cool feeling. In the truest sense, Formwandla remains true to his line without becoming too straightforward. After the original mix, two remixes are then waiting to be used. The earthlings will dance!

Reviewed by Nagamag on April 3, 2022