“If music has the potential to captivate and fascinate, then this song - Sunnyside- is the answer. The Indie-folk works of Nicholas Gunty and Brian Powers do wonders. We highly recommend the music of - Frances Luke Accord-.”

“Если музыка имеет способность очаровывать и завораживать, то это песня -Sunnyside-. Инди-фолк в исполнении Nicholas Gunty и Brian Powers творит чудеса и это чудо уже здесь. Настоятельно рекомендуем музыку -Frances Luke Accord-.”

Chicago, IL (February 19, 2021) - Frances Luke Accord’s next body of work, the Sunnyside EP, will be available in all digital formats starting March 19, 2021. The title track, “Sunnyside,” is available now. Released on the band’s new label, Two-Dale Records, and written during the first months of the pandemic, the song is a rolling meditation on the social unrest in our country, personal depression as a result of COVID isolation, and collective hope. Among the most instrumentally-driven work Frances Luke Accord have released to date, the song features additional contributions from Katie Van Dusen (violin), Luke Jackson (electric guitar, drums), and Don Mitchell (harmonium, production assistance) of Darlingside.

When Nicholas Gunty and Brian Powers put their songs and their voices together, there is a delicate and powerful magic that commands the room to attention. The duo is known as Frances Luke Accord, and they are what NPR’s Mountain Stage calls “the definition of lean-in music.” Their soulful branch of indie-folk is orchestrated with spare and sophisticated acoustic threads woven into a lush backdrop for their intimate melodies. Rich, up-close tenor harmonies lend their timeless songwriting an urgency that honors the Simon & Garfunkel comparisons but pushes beyond into the world of Bon Iver, Jose Gonzalez, and progressive folk music.

Reviewed by Nagamag on 
March 2, 2021

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