Frank Iva – Wreckage (Video)

“Wreckage by Frank Iva is a deep emotive solo piano which explores the shades of nostalgy through a well gently performance.”

FRANK IVA is a Ugandan-born American music producer based in San Diego, CA. His work is an exciting fusion of electronic and live music with hints of jazz, hiphop, classical and gospel influence.

Even though his dream was to be a concert pianist, he first attended college as a Statistics major at the prestigious Makerere University in Kampala, Uganda. Through college and beyond, Frank coached worship teams, taught piano, and worked as a record engineer. In 2006, he moved from Kampala to the U.S. to pursue his dreams as a producer and artist.

As a black international student pursuing a degree in Music from Judson University, Frank’s worldview was soon greatly impacted through working as Worship Arts Director for a predominantly white evangelical church in the suburbs of Chicago. He faced both overt and subtle racism in America, that left him hurt and confused about his purpose.

A series of life-altering events took Frank through a time of no music, no church; of love, loss, and redemption; and across the country to San Diego, CA where he now resides. His work as Music Director at The Rock Church, as well as his MBA in Project Management has propelled his path back to his dreams.

Today, you can find Frank Iva merging his love of Chicago’s improv Jazz with that relaxed California electro vibe, with his first single ‘Conversations’, released May 2019. His anticipated uptempo followup, ‘Bassline’, was released December 2019. He will be releasing his first EP in early 2020. You can also view video of live production and performance in Frank’s ‘Iva On The Track” series on YouTube.

Reviewed by Nagamag on October 24, 2020