“Beats, a melodic line and hip hop vocals above, true, many can do this in a same many can cook with same ingredients. But what the difference? Of course the taste, and how each can handle this simple elements in a way to give a magic flavor. Here is what Frank Knight & Chuck LaWayne with Shabaam Sahdeeq does. The know how to cook beats.”

Frank Knight & Chuck LaWayne drop the latest smooth banger in single and music video format from their upcoming joint album “Slim & Mickens”. This new record known as “Plush Illy Down” featuring the legendary O.G. Shabaam Sahdeeq. Taking the time to drop gems on this piece of art. It’s perfect the mesh of similar and different eras coming together in the name of the “Real Hip-Hop”. This record is the perfect representation and example of “this is what New York sounds like”. The video compliments the records so perfectly featuring the legendary New York crew the “Lo-Life’s” in classic Ralph Lauren Polo freshness. A true testament of excellence and authenticity radiates all through this video.

Reviewed by Nagamag on 
November 26, 2020

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