GIUDI – Jezinky (Video)

“Are you ready to get lost in the magic of “Jezinky”? This piece has nothing in common with what you’ve heard so far. It’s a call for a new sound experience, where everything is made from vocals! Stunning mix of different voices forming a mystic environment which didn’t let us unaffected.”

“There were some voices outside: “Smiley, Smiley, open the door: we only want to warm up in front of your fire and then we’ll leave you in peace. Every day the wild women of the woods, knocked on his door and finally one day Smiley opened the door and they’took him away into the woods…”

Giudi says: “Although I normally use electronic music I felt it would be wonderful to bring to everybody a piece of the mystical Czech magic, using voices as instruments so I’ve recorded a completely acapela song

Something different and authentic, inspired by our own wonderful Czech music and culture.

“Jezinky” are the legendary wild woman from the Bohemian Woods. They are mythical creatures seducing people to get lost with them in the woods. Now imagine the Jezinky represent your fears. I wanted to make a music video that reflects how people can feel lost and empty nowdays. We are all “lost in the woods” with tons of information and uncertainties. In the song I lure the listeners into my forest of spells and magic, so they can play the game with me.”

Giudi collaborates with fashion designers from across the world, but for this video she connected to the local brand Overal Office, which is a sustainable brand currenlty exporting to Asia. Giudi recycled her husband’s wedding suit into the post apocalyptic costume inspired by army style. On the music video she collaborated with her long time creative director, visual artist JaCob Ra and cinematographer Jan Moravec.

“Behind the hills, behind the mines, where do my golden antlers graze? The Jerzinky wild women took little Smiley deep into the forest! But his friend, the deer, heard his cries and came and rescued him.”

Reviewed by Nagamag on December 4, 2021