Glen Gabriel – Death Of Ymir (Spotify)

“The master of Cinematic sound "Glen Gabriel" offers a new Epic creation. Complicated track made with impressive professionalism and a strong dramatic approach. Based on a story from a mythical era, it will surely satisfy even the most demanding listeners.”


Recorded 2 full days in Abbey Road Studio One, London UK with 60-piece orchestra (fiddles, strings, brass, woodwinds, percussion, harp) as part of the upcoming album Norse Mythology. Norse choir (24-people strong) was recorded in Synchron Stage Vienna. The entire album is based on the creation of Cosmos and Earth according to ancient Norse myths. Composed, produced, mixed and mastered over the course of 3 years through mid-pandemic, Norse Mythology was one of the first large orchestral recordings to be made at Abbey Road Studios since lock-down in the UK.


The single "Death of Ymir" is based on the belief that Ymir was the first original being in the cosmos and the monster ancestor of all giants. There was much hatred between the first gods and giants so when Odin, and his brothers, Vili and Ve grew up they decided to kill Ymir. This despite Ymir being their ancestor since they believed that for order to life to take place in cosmos, the original being had to die. This mournful and heroic track is about his death. In honour of the fallen giant, rain fell from the sky as tears and only then could the creation of Earth begin...

Reviewed by Nagamag on November 24, 2021