Grant Carey – it’s raining in brooklyn (when we leave the rehearsal) (ft. Sandwoman)

“The disclosed message of the song is truly something innovative and extraterrestrial. Here is the usual Chamber Pop with the mood of folk music, but it has a unique gift - to build you to heaven and fill your mood with bright light, good and warmth. (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Раскрываемый посыл песни является по-настоящему чем-то новаторским и внеземным. Перед вами обычный Chamber Pop с настроением Folk музыки, но он обладает уникальным даром — возвести вас до небес и наполнить ваше настроение ярким светом, добром и теплотой.”

Eclectic pop producer Grant Carey releases ANIMAL ANIMAL

"It's the first half of my double album love letter to NYC and my last few years there before moving to California. It's about being alive and in love, two of my favorite hobbies that i try to keep up with as much as possible."

Included among ANIMAL ANIMAL's 10 song tracklist is 'it's raining in brooklyn (when we leave the rehearsal) featuring Grant's partner and frequent collaborator Sandwoman. A delicate and intimate ballad about falling for a bandmate, 'raining in brooklyn' features soft plucked guitars, soothing piano and softly layered harmony vocals.

Reviewed by Nagamag on May 15, 2022