“Music has the power to soothe every pain and show us the way to inner balance. We really enjoyed those sophisticated Reggae sounds, followed by the warmest voice of Saine. A true listening elixir for every broken soul.”


Drive All Night, takes you on a musical journey of love, heartache and a desire to escape the sorrow of unrequited love. Produced by GDR and Dale ‘Dizzle’ Virgo (Drake/ Florence + The Machine/ Kendrick Lamar/ Rihanna), the track opens with electric guitar over a reggae bass, before the sweet melodic vocals of Janeel Mills and Saine ‘Red’ Rapley soothe the soul and evoke images of the open road, as they drive through the night, crossing another parish line.

GDR said, “Music saved me, it inspired me in the midst of suffering, to keep going and never give up!”

The debut album Love&Faith is an eclectic fusion of musical genres, Pop/ R&B/ Country/ Reggae/ House, with lyrical content inspired by GDR’s six years of spiritual seclusion, scheduled for release this autumn.