Helena Mayer – misunderstood (Spotify)

“An emotional message to each of us from Helena Mayer. Who are we? and why do we misunderstand each other? Delicate rhythms with enveloping vocals and emotional piano are all you need for a warm evening and to understand easier each other.”

“Эмоциональное послание каждому из нас от Helena Mayer. Кто мы, и почему мы так не правильно понимаем друг друга? Нежные ритмы с обволакивающим вокалом и эмоциональным фортепьяно, это все что нужно для теплого вечера и что бы понять друг друга.”


Helena Mayer is a singer and songwriter born in Thousand Oaks, California. From an early age, Helena has had a passion for music, and now at 21, she has begun releasing lyrically emotional energetic pop & R&B influenced music. Her deeply introspective, sometime brooding, and soulful lyrics represent a dichotomy when paired with the dance oriented, electronic insturmentation. Mayer takes her influence from artists like Lauv, Khalid, Julia Michaels, and Billie Elliss.

While she planned to begin releasing in early 2019, she released her single in November of 2018 in response to the Borderline shooting and fires that overtook her hometown earlier that month. Since then, she has been convicted to write music that makes the world better.

Reviewed by Nagamag on November 7, 2020