Holy Hand Grenade – The Chase (Spotify)

“The track that is able to influence anyone, even the most selective listener! A little funk music in our days may well expand your multidimensional space. The instrumental part is interesting and combined with high-quality sound. A real time machine that travels back to the 60-70s!”

“Трек, который способен раскачать любого, даже самого усидчивого человека! Слишком мало Funk музыки в наши дни и подобные работы заполняют его своим многомерным пространством. Инструментальная часть интересно сочетается с качественной аранжировкой и поверьте нам на слово, — это настоящая машина времени в 60-70-ые годы!”


The Chase is a dance floor heater that really makes you want to move. It's packed with tightly woven interactive grooves, explosive horns, and luscious (at times even psychedelic) sonic landscapes. A perfect jam for the summertime, a great party song, and an all- around make-you-feel-good banger. Inspired by our love of afrobeat, jazz, world music & funk, with an urban flavor & fierce energy throughout. It features a crushing keys solo about halfway through.


Reviewed by Nagamag on September 30, 2021