Hugar – Enigma (Video)

Hugar — Icelandic duo Bergur Þórisson and Pétur Jónsson — are prepping The Vasulka Effect: Music For the Motion Picture out October 2nd on Sony Masterworks. Their genre-defying sound is in full wide-screen focus on the new album and on “Enigma” in particular, with elements of drone, ambient electronics, and orchestral atmospherics, creating a visual language of its own.

Created from never-before-seen footage from the Brotherhood exhibition, the “Enigma” music video provides an enigmatic glimpse into the creative impulses of the feature film’s male protagonist and exhibition creator Woody Vasulka.

Regarding the film: Pioneers of video art, The Vasulkas are lifetime hackers and grandparents of the “YouTube” generation. After struggling in their retirement years, by a fluke they are rediscovered by the art world that had forgotten all about them, and people and institutions are suddenly fighting over who will represent them after they are gone. It’s directed by Hrafnhildur Gunnarsdóttir.

Reviewed by Nagamag on July 26, 2020