Jesper Hasnaoui – It’s That Time Again (Spotify)

“You had a hard day and want something to reset your mind into a state of brightness and calm, it's that time again of search the right medicine. Music is one of the best, proven, and Jesper Hasnaoui with a gentle heartwarming vocal performance and his minimal guitar riffs and drums through a sound clarity is what you need now. Laid back and re-think more clean after listening this. ”

This song is about how we still linger over the same memories every year, and that we should keep learning and exploring so we dont get stuck with what we know and what we think we know.

Jesper Hasnaoui (1992) is an artist based out of Oslo, Norway.

He has from a young age played guitar in multiple bands, and always was the guitarist in the back of the stage. He realized that if he wanted to write music that reflected his own thoughts and ideas, he needed to write his own music.

Hasnaoui is a creative force inspired through a very personal contrast between emotional bliss and emotional desolation. With music being a therapeutic measure, Hasnaoui writes longful and atmospheric tracks, often accompanied by delicate guitars, soothing electronic blankets and mellow percussion.

He finds comfort in melancholy, nature and silence, but with a strong drive to create art, music and portraying emotion live.

Strong influences include artists like Bon Iver, The Tallest man on earth, S. Carey, Matt Corby and Blake Mills

Reviewed by Nagamag on December 5, 2020