“The lovely melodic arrangement, soft rhythms Indie pop and pleasant vocals -jessica carter altman-, whose vibrations are able to affect the deepest bowels of your soul. Charming and very frankly.” (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Прелестная мелодическая аранжировка, мягкие ритмы Indie Pop и приятный вокал -Jessica Carter Altman-, вибрации голоса которой способны затронуть самые глубокие недры вашей души. Очаровательно и очень откровенно.”


Singer-songwriter Jessica Carter Altman first launched her career while in law school at the University of Michigan. Her debut EP, No Rules, was featured nationally following its release. Jessica’s latest chill pop ballad, ‘Cherry Blossoms’, “is about feelings of nostalgia and those moments when you get lost in your thoughts, playing back your tape of memories. Life is always changing, but we get to keep and carry the people we love the most within our memory.” Jessica’s powerful, smooth voice and talent have landed her guest performances and features on The Talk, the TODAY Show and Forbes Magazine. Most recently, she was featured as one of People Magazine’s “One’s To Watch.” This is the second original tune off of Jessica’s long-awaited EP, ‘For You’, which "is about love and loss: the experiences of living with, and losing, the ones we love most. At the end of the day, the only things that matter in life are family and friends"