• John William Richard • Hello • Official Audio • (Video)

“-Hello- is clean and offers an easy listen like a morning breeze minimalism. Wandering notes piano, ambient flutter and twitter spring field recordings.”

“-Hello- это чистый и лёгкий словно утренний ветерок минимализм. Блуждающие ноты пиано, трепетание эмбиента и весенний щебет полевых записей. ”


Often things come full circle. As a child John William Richard’s love affair with music began as a classically trained musician, with hours spent studying both the piano and cello. However a lifetime has been spent elsewhere, from, amongst other things, fronting a new romantic group, managing artists, starting a label and running a nightclub. Now, with the release of ‘Hello’, John William Richard returns to the rigour of the Classical tradition, mixing that with flashes of contemporary electronica, creating something that is both intimate and breathtakingly cinematic.

“I think in film images when I write and as the world comes into focus the scene emerges and the internal director takes over. ‘Hello’ seemed like the perfect starting point and introduction to a project that has taken on more of a life than I ever expected.”

Much of the recording was done in his home studio in Bath, but to get the piano sound he wanted he decamped to legendary Rockfield Studios in Wales.

“It felt absolutely right to be recording piano at one of the great studios of my lifetime. The Yamaha grand was my choice and to finding a hammond there waiting for one of the tracks seemed serendipity ”

With over 20 compositions recorded and ready to go, and a growing list of collaborators, both home and abroad, including the introduction of Bruno Ellinhgam (Massive Attack, UNKLE) to mix the record, John William Richard’s return to his musical roots is taking on a new life of its own.


Reviewed by Nagamag on April 20, 2021