“In childhood, we were told that miracles sooner or later dissolve into nothingness and the illusions of sand castles melt from year to year. But time passes and you realize that a miracle does not come from nowhere and every person is its creator. Listen to the new single Julie Title - A Wreath to Lay to this, her creation is a prime example.”

“В детстве нам говорили, что чудеса рано или поздно растворяются в небытие и иллюзии замков из песка тают из года в год. Но время идёт и ты осознаёшь, что чудо не приходит из ниоткуда и каждый человек является его творцом. Послушайте новый сингл Julie Title - A Wreath to Lay тому, её творение тому яркий пример.”

"A Wreath to Lay was conceived in that weird state between being awake and falling asleep," says Julie. "I had this really traditional folk melody pop into my head and started groggily singing into my phone to record it. The next morning I built the rest of the song around those first few lines. To me, the song is about how the people in our world shape us into who we are, for better or for worse." - Julie Title

About Julie Title

Having struggled since adolescence with abuse and mental illness, songwriting has always been an outlet for Title to create meaning out of feelings of suffering. She uses a lyrical style that is sparse (but powerful) to convey the blend of vulnerability and hope that make up the recurring themes of all her work. Inspired by a diverse array of genres and artists such as Adrienne Lenker, Fiona Apple, Stevie Nicks, Rose Cousins, Sarah Harmer and Courtney Love - Title is a fierce political activist whose music a depth that is INCREDIBLE.

Reviewed by Nagamag on 
February 4, 2021

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