“Easy, romantic melancholy in vocals, the heady rhythm of Latin Pop and a soft melody. -K Harrison- to compose good, memorable tracks and his new work of this vivid confirmation!” (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Лёгкая, романтическая меланхолии в вокале, пьянящий ритм Latin Pop и мягкая мелодия. -K Harrison- под силу сочинять хорошие, запоминающиеся треки и его новая работа тому яркое подтверждение!”


We all know the UK rap scene is very London-centric. Even with reams of talent, it can be difficult for an artist to crack the mainstream from less central locales. So, when an MC on the scene isn’t from Manchester, London or Birmingham: they’re fighting two battles.

Hailing from Derby, East Midlands, rising wordsmith K Harrison is next up to bat in the UK rap arena. Despite only having a couple of tracks under his belt — he’s already been co-signed by Compton rap titan The Game and worked side-by-side with the nation’s favourite redhead Ed Sheeran.



With superstars in his corner and two summer anthems in the air — ‘Fire Fire’ and his seismic debut ‘Boss (Call Away)’ — K Harrison is back with a fresh hit in the making titled ‘Love Me Leave Me’.

Selecting a sultry sound pool once again, K Harrison deploys his nocturnal, pop-friendly delivery across a bulk of the runtime, before changing gears to his rapid-fire flow.

Bringing the summer heat to the Derby streets, ‘Love Me Leave Me’ is the perfect conclusion to K Harrison’s party-starting trilogy. The Magic Hour-produced beat is home to soft, melodic guitar licks, layered vocal riffs and Latin and trap-adjacent kicks. Smooth.



‘Love Me Leave Me’ follows the aforementioned singles ‘Fire Fire’ and ‘Boss (Call Away)’ which dropped earlier this year. Currently, both tracks have amassed over 220,000 streams in totality on Spotify alone.

Outside the studio, K Harrison is anchored by his deep-rooted love for performing — rocking international stages in Europe and Asia. The spitter also fronted the stage at BST Hyde Park festival in front of 70,000 people, performing a full set on the Barclaycard Stage to roaring crowd applause!

Often nicknamed “The Fresh Prince of Derby”, K Harrison has developed somewhat of a cult audience over the years. With over 20k followers on Instagram, the rapper-turned-vocalist regularly engages with audience, sharing previews of new music, gigs and slice of life content to flesh out his music journey so far.

Currently, K Harrison is putting the finishing touches on his forthcoming debut LP. With a high benchmark set by tracks like ‘Love Me Leave Me’, fans eagerly anticipate his next move!

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