Kaleidoscope of Colours – Moon Rock

Kaleidoscope of Colours – Moon Rock (Spotify)

With the rather neoclassical Moon Rock, a fragile and minimalistic piano solo melody, the German based synesthetic composer returns to her roots, presenting the third of five musical fragments developed on the technique of synesthetic colour composing.

Following the release of the album "Music & Colours" in 2018, the Berlin-based composer returns with her second EP „THE BIRTH OF COLOURS and a selection of pieces that not only take the audience back to the composer’s world of crossed senses, but also remind us of the beauty and fragility of our nature, of the elements of our planet that are not infinite and that we have taken for granted for far too long.

MOON ROCK not just stands for the grey coloured scale it was written on, but also for the third element of our planet - Rocks and Mountains.

A part of the EP´s revenue will be donated to selected climate protection programs.

Reviewed by Nagamag on 
March 14, 2020

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