Kate Ellis – Scars (Spotify)

“We introduce the wild single of Kate Ellis for a different than usual listening experience. Favourable Americana sound followed by boldly expressive vocals. Its strong energetic guitar patterns and catchy drums can also fulfil every expectation.”


"There are all different sorts of love”, writer Blakney Francis once observed, “It can even become hate… really, hate is just another kind of caring.”

Scars is a dysfunctional love song about the fine line between love and hate in relationships. But in this story, even after the endless rinse and repeat cycles of stormy emotion, there's still love there in the end.

Scars is the lead single in the run-up to Americana artist Kate Ellis' much-anticipated sophomore album Spirals which will be released on Feb 4th, and was produced by the legendary John Reynolds (Sinéad O’Connor, Indigo Girls, Belinda Carlisle).


Reviewed by Nagamag on January 16, 2022