Kate Vogel – Rain (Spotify)

“A theme to see the good in other people like Rain does, washing the pain and hug whole world as rain does with no exceptions. Lot of goosepumbs through these amazing lyrics and ethereal voice of Kate Vogel.


Few words about Kate Vogel:

Kate Vogel fell in love with storytelling lyrics at an early age. At 16, Vogel moved to Nashville, Tennessee and began co-writing, performing, and recording her first record. Not unlike many women before her, Vogel’s ambitions came to an abrupt halt when she fell victim to a predator in the industry, and subsequently stopped singing for 9 years.

A decade later, on the coattails of the MeToo movement, Vogel found the strength to release her debut single, Reasons to Stay, a hopeful ballad born from her trauma and experience with suicide. Vogel confidently sings, in her steady soprano, “the beauty will outweigh the pain, we’ll all find a purpose one day.”

Leaning on musicians from both the Pop and Americana worlds, the result is a beautiful hybrid of vulnerable singer-songwriter music with strong pop sensibilities. Raw and intimate, Vogel’s music captures the metamorphosis of unimaginable pain into the beauty of hope.

“Kate Vogel has one of those rare voices that can make you truly feel the emotion of the lyrics without relying on vocal tricks... Call it Singer/Songwriter, Americana or simply Commercial music if you will but labels are unimportant when an artist can draw you in and immerse you in the feelings this well. ” — Travis Erwin (LA on Lock)

Reviewed by Nagamag on August 31, 2020