Kepa Lehtinen – Forbidden planet (Spotify)

"Forbidden Planet", one of the most popular track from new album "It is ok to be sad and dark" from Kepa Lehtinen, is a powerfully hypnotic theremin work accompanied by piano and double bass. The resulting sound is melancholy, emotional, and full of a nocturnal spirit that will work its way into your consciousness and remain there.

Few words about Kepa Lehtinen
Well-known Finland-based film and TV composer Kepa Lehtinen is proud to announce the release of his new album, Helsinki In November, that features original contemporary classical music written for piano, contrabass, and theremin. The theremin is an almost-century-old electronic instrument that’s played by hand gestures rather than direct contact and is seldom encountered in the classical world. Lehtinen, however, makes the instrument a cornerstone of his sound and Helsinki In November gives listeners a master class in what this unusual instrument can do.

Reviewed by Nagamag on August 2, 2020