Palindroma – Haze (Video)

Haze is about the claustrophobic feeling of being trapped and lonely. Its told as a story of a lost astronaut who has wandered off in space and is on the verge of losing all hope. But, anyone swimming in this state of emptiness can relate to the track. Palindroma’s fascination for space led to the production of this dark electronic track with sci-fi inspired vocoders, sound design elements and cinematic strings.

Palindroma is a musical project by Nitin Muralikrishna.

Palindroma’s music is a combination of acoustic, electronic and cinematic sound with Indian influences. The sound of Palindroma was nurtured over a 15-year musical journey and finally took shape as musical productions in 2016 at Berklee College of Music. The fine blend of acoustic and electronic elements is the crux of Palindroma’s sound. The importance is given to every small sonic element that then forms a part of a multi-layered arrangement. Nitin is also an Audio/Music production educator and an Audio engineer.

Reviewed by Nagamag on August 2, 2020