Kobi Jonz – DADA (Video)

“Rhythmic work, whose musical structure is immediately captivating and does not let you go until the last second. -DADA-; brilliant and expressive song, like a bright star in your collection.”

“Ритмичное произведение, чья музыкальная структура мгновенно заводит и не отпускает до последних секунд. -DADA- блестящая и выразительная песня, как яркая звезда в вашей коллекции.”


DADA meaning ‘good’ envelopes the idea of “manifesting into reality” characterized by the poetic image of a woman. A metaphorical representation of actions and reactions solidifies the ethic of doing good and receiving good.


Kobi Jonz, best describes himself as making “conscious dance music”, feel-good music that reinforces a positive message. Moving to the United States from Lagos, Nigeria, Kobi did not so much discover music, he says, as music discovered him. His passion ignited by his force to bring his dreams to life fueled his music career.

His sound is full of life, spirit, and an energy that keeps you coming back for more. With influences like Fela Kuti, Bob Marley, Sade Adu, Damian Marley, and Burna Boy, Kobi’s music brings out in his listeners a vigor that can only be described as lust for life, hope, love, and self-motivation, wrapped in a zesty hip vibe that is fresh and genre-defying.

His lens into music is one energized by influence, as he sees music as a way to better people. This fresh perspective is Kobi’s way to spread the word that self-sufficiency in pursuit of one’s dreams is possible.


Reviewed by Nagamag on April 13, 2021