KOKO – Talk (Spotify)

“Completely stunning atmosphere, saturated with increasing power and energy! Thanks to the vocal part, special talent and professionalism is felt. The dynamic atmosphere which is created, decorates the entire track!”

“Совершенно потрясающая атмосфера, насыщенная, густая и с нарастающей мощностью и энергией! Благодаря вокалу, в котором ощущается особая трепетность в исполнение и профессионализм, создаётся повышенная динамика. Настоящее украшение всего трека!”


Hailing from Bristol, and having formed at the beginning of 2020 just before Covid pop-trio KOKO sure didn’t have the most promising head start in terms of timings, however though beat the odds and had great success, media coverage and DSP support (a.o. numerous NMF playlists) with their debut EP. Stepping up the game and putting an even more pop-oriented twist on their alt-pop smasher sound spiced with indie & delivered with hip hop swagger taken from The Weeknd & Kendrick Lamar, KOKO signed with Humming Records in 2021.


Reviewed by Nagamag on November 25, 2021