Kori – Halfway Home (Spotify)

Listening "Halfway Home" from Kori and the so soft/elegan sound design of lush harmonies if offers, we think why been named as that. Its the nostalgic, relief emotion you feel like when you were away from big period from "Home" whatever means home for everyone (this could be relationship, your parents, your neighborhood etc) and finally return, when you are too close to reach your home and feel safe, beloved again.

Kori shared with us his thoughts about this song:
This is a song about the last few months of my life. The name signifies the slight sense of "in-betweenness" I'm feeling as I approach the end of my time at uni and prepare to get spat out into the world. Not a particularly novel or unique thing to be feeling, but something I am feeling nonetheless. The track has inspirations from all over the place; indie stuff comes into the intro while soundtrack music and ambient tunes inspired the "drop" (though that word doesn't quite suit the track).

Reviewed by Nagamag on July 21, 2020