Kowloon – A Thousand Pictures

“An ideal track track after a working day. Wyb Genre Chillwave, turned off the phone and muffled light of a lonely lamp on the table. This is all that you need now to restore the spent energy, and the new track -kowloon- will help in this.” (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Идеальный трек для отдыха после рабочего дня. Вайб жанра Chillwave, выключенный телефон и приглушённый свет одинокой лампы на столе. Это всё, что вам сейчас нужно, чтобы восстановить потраченную энергию, а новый трек -Kowloon- поможет в этом. ”


A nostalgic meditation on memory and loss, filtered through layers of tape hiss and saturation. Vintage synths and bubbling bass inspired by the early eighties pop experiments of Peter Gabriel and Japanese Ambient music. The vocals hang above like the noon sun on a foggy day, while the synths below shimmer like the undulating ocean.

all instruments played by Kowloon.


Reviewed by Nagamag on July 16, 2022