Laryssa Birdseye x Mike Bars – Medicate (feat. Mike Bars)

“From the new track -laryssa birdseye x mike bars- it blows the warm wind of positive and the rays of good, in which you will be very pleased to swim, as if swaying on the waves. The atmosphere Electro Pop creates an amazing wybe and rocks your nervous system from side to side not to rest.” (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“От нового трека -Laryssa Birdseye x Mike Bars- так и веет тёплым ветром позитива и лучами добра, в которых вам будет очень приятно купаться, словно покачиваясь на волнах. Атмосфера Electro Pop создаёт удивительный вайб и раскачивает вашу нервную систему из стороны в сторону не давая передохнуть.”

An upbeat and funky pop song exploring a relationship that just drives you crazy. featuring Mike Bars, this is a fusion of delightful pop music and clever hip hop lyricism. the hook will have you chanting along with your windows down, as we soak up the last bits of summer and curse our annoying ex partners.

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Reviewed by Nagamag on October 4, 2022