Laura Reznek – Rattling Chains (Video)

“A special kind of musical composition just made from real artists. It’s true that for some of us, music can be sacred and spiritual. Beautiful acoustic Folk, in which all beauty and serenity is so skillfully presented.”

“Своеобразная музыкальная композиция, творение настоящих эстетов, если уместно так выразиться, для которых музыка нечто сакральное и духовное. Прекрасный акустический folk, в котором так искусно транслируется вся красота и безмятежность.”

Artist shared few words behind inspiration:

“This one I wrote when I was a January in a small cottage in the isle of Skye. The power went out during a major wind storm and I went to stand out in it for a while – the kind of wind that you can lean right back into. I began to think of it as a sort of over-protective parent, an entity that’s always looking out for you and watching your every move. Since it was after Christmastime, the Christmas Carol was also in my head, and I got an image of Jacob Marley coming in all of his chains to warn about how we wear the chains we forge in life; thoughts of greed, arrogance, selfishness came to mind, and I kept thinking of the wind being this sort of character, always reminding us to be our best selves.”

Reviewed by Nagamag on November 25, 2021