LDN Monos – Samsara

“”LDN Monos” presents his fresh release, with plenty of electronic vibrations and fast progression. Cool patterns of percussive sound, rich effects and hypnotic vocals are waiting you to discover them. Also followed by an exclusively artistic clip which should also watch.”


London based Producer and Multi-Instrumentalist LDN Monos (aka Curtis Neil) releases his 3rd single, ‘Samsara’. Following the ultra atmospheric work of ‘First Exit’ and ‘East Heath’, ‘Samsara’ delivers on Electric Sound of Joy’s recognition of the artist’s ‘boundless promise’.

Led by a vocal line sung in Chinese dialect, the track includes an array of sampled world instruments: the inspirative sound of Erhus and Santurs give way to mournful, reverb soaked synth lines. This transition is indicative of the overarching theme and feel of the song: light cannot exist without dark and both elements survive in a an indefinite cycle of death and rebirth.

Having been covered by an array of blogs such as Indie Shuffle, Palms Out Sounds and Last Day Deaf, Neil builds upon the attention garnered from his first two singles. In reaction to the chaotic harmony of debut release, ‘First Exit’, Loudness blog noted that, ‘it all happens so organically that you discover more and more details only after repeated listens’. Such an intricacy of detail is further explored in ‘Samsara’. Neil states that, ‘I wanted to release it as the final single before the album, since it’s the truest representation of what I was trying to achieve with the LP. The track begins with a bright and upbeat vibe, which gradually transitions over its duration: ultimately, the feel of the song is shaped by the intensity and darkness of the chorus. Both sentiments sit alongside each other in a balance’.

Having garnered a reputation for hypnotic and engaging music videos, which led to an inclusion on ADSR’s ‘Sonic Cinema’ series, ‘Samsara’ stays true to form with a poetic portrayal of a synchronised swimming team. Adjusting scene clips to sync up with the rhythm of the track, the video translates the relentless energy of the song into a colourful and inspiring portrayal of individual efforts amalgamating to create a harmonious organism. The video will be available to stream along with the release of the track.

2022 has seen the emphatic rise of LDN Monos within the underground electronic music scene. This attention will be further satiated with the release of the debut album, ‘August In Winter’. The full length will be available to stream in November. The artist is currently working on a follow up to this LP, set to be released in 2023.


Reviewed by Nagamag on September 2, 2022