“Not always the debut work of musicians for a long time remain in the memory of us, the audience, but the self-titled album Lion Child once again proves the opposite. Swing, add to their playlists and enjoy.”

“Далеко не всегда дебютные работы музыкантов надолго остаются в памяти нас, слушателей, но одноимённый альбом Lion Child в очередной раз доказывает обратное. Качайте, добавляйте в свои плейлисты и наслаждайтесь.”

This song is written in metaphor about a man denying his real heart and hiding behind his work and life to avoid the love of his life. Sometimes fear can dictate an unknown path and destiny is never found..

Reviewed by Nagamag on 
February 15, 2021

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