Loulita Gill, Aron Bicskey – Will You? (Spotify)

“Gentle Dream Pop work with classical influences and light, leading vocals. This track emphasizes on the importance of emotional support between people. If it happens to face a difficult situation when others could stand by and make things better with even a few words, will they do so?”


We have all been there when we don’t want answers, fixes, good advice or helpful suggestions. In fact, we just need a person to be there, so we don’t feel alone in our hurt. But it’s often easier said than done. When we try

to help someone by ‘fixing’ them and their problems, it only minimises their pain and can lead to a breakdown in communication and ultimately silent resignations.

Will You? is a gentle, almost broken and anxious, request to just be there... not to try and solve anything but be truly seen and heard. It is an emotional plea for a simple act of kindness to make a person feel loved, to feel hope.

Set on a landscape of ethereal piano, the vocals and words stand out as the focal point of the track. The harmonies build in the bridge, and finally drops to

a tender chorus, which is the final admonition and agreement to just be there.


Reviewed by Nagamag on November 6, 2021