Luca Musto – Restless (Spotify)

“An exuberant sound design with soulful harmonics. Elegant vibes that push you into a restless groove with its organic housey vibes.”

Put on your dancing shoes because there’s a new label in town. Following the release of “Call Me On The Regular” on Laut & Luise earlier this year, Luca Musto returns with a brand-new EP to kick off his own label: Rare Affair.

The “Restless EP” inaugurates Rare Affair, which will be a platform providing the possibility for more free and frequent releases in the future. “[RA001]” is a rhythmic reminder to carry on in trying times.

With two tracks that contrast each other in tempo and mood, “Restless” provides euphonious evidence that even a pandemic can’t stop the creative mind. Whether you prefer to move slowly like the groove in Priscillo or quickly as in Restless, the EP encourages everyone to keep on going.

Luca Musto is an enthusiast of soul, jazz and blues, his electronic music/’slow-house’ oozes of grooving beats and hypno1zing melodies. With his Italian roots reflec1ng rhythms through cracks in a musical mirror, these cozy, grounded atmospheres will set you up to lay back, relax, and dance: this paradox perhaps best encapsulates the complexity of Musto’s grooves.

Whilst some might know him for years of various musical projects all around the backyards and garages of southern Germany, Luca’s vision of deeply pulsa1ng ambience con1nues to evolve with his beats. Taking his 1me with his first releases, his wide range of downliMing electronic vibes have been showcased in a number of European and American shows so far. One can surely say that this journey has only just begun.

Reviewed by Nagamag on October 12, 2020