Luca Patrone – Cardano

“Exclusively melodic and active work from a real artist in the scene. As its title reveals, "Cardano" leaves an impression of movement and continuous flow. Like crystal water in a pond, full of harmony and fragile balance. Listen to this sound and let your imagination create wonderful images.”

Cardano is a gear that allows to transfert the motion from one rotating part to and other on a different axis , without the cardano they not transfer the motion, with the cardano both the motion is transmitted and they turn faster.

the same is in human relations. Using the cardano approach in our life make a great difference. Means going in the other people needs and life and help them, so we can start the cardano rotation. As the cardano start rotating, we can expect to find someone who is supporting and helping us. If many people would use this approach We would live better, in a smarter way

Reviewed by Nagamag on May 8, 2022